Purform Purform

Purform is a collaboration between Montreal artists Alain Thibault and Yan Breuleux. Thibault handles the music while Breuleux does the visuals. On this CD, Thibault provides a 52-minute mix of his own techno tracks, while Thibault provides a ten-minute video to additional music. The music has strong, pulsating beats that straddle the line between techno and trance, while the melodies are hypnotic and synth-based; you will not find any breathy divas or shimmering chord progressions. Rather, Thibault's music is all about evolving a groove with beats and loops, which he does quite well. In the included video, Breuleux sets rectangular patterns to Thibault's music, this time two beat-less, feedback-driven drones. The patterns involve the manipulations of an elongated rectangle through transformations of shape, size and colour, much like the finale of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Watching this at home on my computer, I found the shifting patterns overwhelming, I can only imagine their effect in a club. (Orange)