Pure X Announce Sophomore LP: 'Crawling Up the Stairs'

Pure X Announce Sophomore LP: 'Crawling Up the Stairs'
We praised Pure X's debut album, 2011's Pleasure, for its narcotically dreamy sound, and now the Texas trio are set to return with another full-length. Entitled Crawling Up the Stairs, the album is due out May 14 through Acéphale Records/Merok.

According to a press release, this band "stay true to the dense sound they explored on their last album...but add twinkling atmospherics and a new clarity to their carefully cultivated, emotionally heavy songs."

The album was reportedly inspired by personal struggles, as the band's Nate Grace spent much of 2012 recovering from a leg injury. He didn't have health insurance and needed surgery, and his health worries gave him severe insomnia.

Scroll past the tracklist to stream the moody, falsetto-filled "Things in My Head."

We'll leave you with the press release's description of the album's thematic approach: "Where Pleasure was built on syrup-slow hooks and a weighty, sexy haze, Crawling Up the Stairs is the sound of Pure X emerging from that humid cocoon to stare all the screwed up parts of life directly in the face and embrace them. Crawling isn't a record about escape, it's about what you do after you've realized that escaping isn't an option and you just have to face the world you live in head on."

Crawling Up the Stairs:

1. Crawling Up the Stairs
2. Someone Else
3. Written in the Slime
4. I Fear What I Feel
5. Things in My Head
6. Shadows and Lies
7. I Come from Nowhere
8. Never Alone
9. How Did You Find Me
10. Thousand Year Old Child
11. Rain at Dawn
12. All of the Future (All of the Past)