PUP Are Releasing Their Very Own Zine

And it comes complete with a flexi disc
PUP Are Releasing Their Very Own Zine
Toronto road warriors PUP are digging deep into their DIY roots with their latest merch item — a zine. Titled "Pup the Zine Vol. 1 – The Zine Is Over," the 24-page publication features photos, comics, artwork, guitar tabs and more.

The zine comes packaged with a green flexi disc featuring a live version of "My Life Is Over and I Couldn't Be Happier" from the band's 2016 sophomore album The Dream Is Over, recorded at the Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia at the band's New Year's Eve show this past December.

Here's what PUP had to say about the zine:

This high-end, single-ply toilet paper doubles as a limited-edition, 24-page zine / comic / photo journal. A veritable "slice of life" detailing the makings, musings and trappings of your favourite band of extremely boring morons.

Featuring photos / artwork by band favourites Amanda Fotes & Marie Enger, some of Stefan's patented misty-eyed nostalgia, some juicy 'real talk' from your favourite rhythm section, and WAY more (than is necessary).

The package is limited to 1,000 copies, and you can order it here. Don't worry if you can't snag one — the zine's title insinuates that there may be more zines on the way. 

In more recent PUP news, the band finished recording their forthcoming third album last month.