Punto Omega Punto Omega

The North American release of Punto Omega supplies a little exotic flavour to our industrial world. Hailing from Argentina, Punto Omega has constructed an album that is lyrically, mostly Spanish. Yet the effectively distorted vocals of front man Pilgrim completely distracts from such language barriers. The disc features ten tracks of complex, dark industrial music, offering much more than synth beats and static. A certain level of appreciation for classical music is present (especially noticeable in "El Laberinto”), accentuating rather than overpowering the solid electronic sinistry this duo has created. Even bagpipes are featured on the short intro track, "Marcha Hacia el Punto Omega.” The unique track on the disc is "La Fusion,” co-written by Thomas Rainer, of L'âme Immortelle fame. The song features Rainer on lead vocals and takes a more mellow direction as piano and acoustic guitar accompany the only English lyrics/vocals on the album. Overall, this is a release that is easy to get lost in. Both attention grabbing and mesmerising, through their self titled release, Punto Omega have etched themselves a place in the dark music scene. (Metropolis)