Punish Yourself Sexplosive Locomotive

Punish Yourself’s web page reads: "If you don't like machines, just fuck off. If you don't like guitars, just fuck off. If you don't like gay people, just fuck off. If you don't like sex, drugs & violence, just fuck off. But if you want cyberpunk, this is the right place.” Indeed. Throwing together a savage mix of S&M culture, anti-American politics and horror-based references, their crazy-fast brand of music is quite devastating. Sexplosive Locomotive begins with "Gay Boys in Bondage,” an introduction to the fusion of hostile guitar and feral beats that forcefully burn through the entire album. Such real aggression is actually what keeps this disc solid. The bratty vocals of "Gimmee Cocaine” are quite effective when peppered with violent sounds. The disc also features a bonus live track of "Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine,” a song with guitar additions rivalling Ministry in their glory days. You don’t need the video however, to tell you that these guys put on a great show. This album reeks of powerful performance. However, if you don’t like powerful performances, I guess you can just fuck off. (Independent)