Punch Table The Ship, St. John's NL, May 7

Punch Table The Ship, St. John's NL, May 7
Photo: Noah Bender
After witnessing so much hometown virtuosity, it was actually refreshing to see a scrappy, fun local band at the Ship. Punch Table features three young women and a dude and, after a couple of Plumtree-esque songs, three of them played the theme to Game of Thrones until a technical glitch was remedied.
That sense of carefree goofiness carried through a set full of defiant, biting songs about social norms and expectations ("Perfect, just like your wife," went the chorus of a sarcastic punk-infused pop tune). A highly skilled bassist held down the fort musically, while lead vocalist Sarah Blackmore made up for her relatively rudimentary rhythm guitar playing with endearing spirit and cool songs.
Three years ago, the Mouthbreathers played the Ship at Lawnya Vawnya, and there's a good chance that Punch Table are a reflection of that visit. They possess guts, irreverence, and humour and are among the most promising young indie rock bands in St. John's.