Pulverized Monuments of Misanthropy

Pulverized Monuments of Misanthropy
Chile has become a veritable hotbed of quality underground extremity, bubbling over with such groups as Grave Desecrator, Disembowel and Pentagram. On their debut full-length, Santiago death mongers Pulverized take their place amongst Chile's metal overflow as a band to watch out for.
Taking the belligerence and heft of old school death metal, and spinning in a touch of melodicism, Pulverised exhibit a confidence in their own sound that comes through with every track, each with its own individuality. The band lay down grooves and infectious riffs in plenty, with MVP's like "Consumed By Ignorance" in its tumbling momentum, or "Aniquilación Genética" digging in and stomping the listener to paste with sadistic swagger.
"Cadáveres" almost feels like two different songs by the end, and Pulverised exercise some interesting songwriting skills here, as the core riff changes in the latter half of the track, and builds on what has come before so that it sounds more like a mutation or outgrowth of the first half, which gives the song a killer progression and an almost two-faced quality.
Monuments of Misanthropy is a confident debut that shows off Pulverized's chops in writing dynamic and unapologetic death metal. Fans of Cannibal Corpse and Bolt Thrower should feel right at home, but not so much as to be bored. Pulverised infuse their own flair that comes through in their playing and songwriting, making Pulverised a definite band to watch out for. (Krucyator Productions)