​Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band Baltimore House, Hamilton ON, September 10

​Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band Baltimore House, Hamilton ON, September 10
Photo: Matt Bobkin
When your doctor told you to get enough veggies, they probably weren't referring to a local herb-themed musical troupe. The Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band nevertheless helped onlookers make the healthy choice on Saturday night (September 10), serving up a satisfying plate of math punk with a side of post-hardcore.
While the quintet features several of Hamilton's finest and most prolific musicians, their original identities are tossed aside for this project. Here, they are Asarahguts and Anniechoke, and any trace of melody or restraint was thrown away during the cooking of their veritable punk stew.
Zucchini Jackson is the group's frontman, and his shout-spoken vocals were mostly delivered from inside the crowd, writhing and jumping. A full-body experience, Jackson's delivery drove the tunes, but he was also accompanied well by a whirlwind of riffs and drums, especially on standout tracks "Robo Bobo a GoGo" and "Aziz" — where the riffs were tight and angular, and Jackson's vocals were anything but, opting instead to be a howling, shouted mess in the centre of it all.
And it worked: by committing so fully, the Family Band gave a set that was energetic, entertaining and memorable.