Psychic TV Peak Hour

Remastered with bonus tracks, this album, originally released in 1992, is considered the holy grail of techno/trance, and given that its source is the legendary subversive cultural engineer Genesis P-Orridge, then you might as well just buy it, since thinking of it is enough to get you in trouble. The techno-trip groove album was recorded from phone booths from the West Coast of the U.S. while P-Orridge was in exile from his home country of the UK, where the Scotland Yard hunted him. While some of the tracks may sound traditional now that rave culture had advanced tenfold since the late 1980s, one must realise that Psychic TV were the originators of this music, and it still has an effect that is unparalleled. Two remixes are added to this album: the ultra-scarce "Tribal" remixes by the drum club and Psychic TVs' remix of "Godzilla's Return to the Sea" - Godzilla being a psychotic homeless junkie that P-Orridge had signed to his label for one album, back in the day. The key to Psychic TV is the nuances in the aural distance of the sound field; it (whatever lies deep within there) is what alters your brain chemistry and causes you to relax in the long run. Think hard. (Voice Print)