Psychic Paramount Live 2002: The Franco-Italian Tour

Ever wondered what happened to Laddio Bolocko, the intensely great New York prog rock band who were touring around with the likes of Trans Am around the turn of the century, slaying listeners in their wake? Well, it seems their old guitarist and bassist formed the Psychic Paramount in late 2002 with NYC-based drummer Tatsuya Nakatani (who has notably played with Peter Brötzmann, Peter Kowald and Ken Vandermark, and has since left this band). Only five days later they headed out on tour across France and Italy, and these recordings from which are captured on this shit-disturbing assault of a live document. This trio is a full-on, mind-frying sensual assault of chaotic improvised psych rock insanity, blazing trails that burn their blisteringly hard rock fury into the backside of your brain. It helps greatly that the recording quality of this document places the levels just slightly into the red, so you can feel the intensity of the band reverberating off the stage — just inches from your ears — but nothing can shake the fact that this is balls-out, psych rock jamming at its earth-shattering best. (Public Guilt)