Psychic Paramount II

It has been six years since the Psychic Paramount's debut release and with II, they waste no time getting back on the rails. Opening track "Intro/SP" is somewhat misleadingly titled, as there is no intro, not even a second of warm-up, before the sonic assault begins. In fact, this band don't believe in intros, every track launching straight into the cyclonic plateau of noise. Like Lightning Bolt, bassist/organist Ben Armstrong, drummer Jeff Conway and guitarist Drew St. Ivany make an inordinately large racket for their size, sounding more like an orchestra, albeit one conducted by Glenn Branca and filled with the top musicians of the Japanoise scene, melded with some math rock by way of Touch & Go. Even more expansive than their debut, the end result is 40 minutes of high-octane post-rock bliss that will leave you feeling breathless yet gasping for more. (No Quarter)