P.S. Fuck You Friday the 13th

While their name certainly outdoes both the Wu-Tang’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Shorty Shit Stain for least likely to be commercially acceptable, it’s unlikely they’re concerned about taking their music in that direction anyway. Like the boys over at Anticon, the quartet of PSFU prefer to mix their hip-hop with a fair bit of navel-gazing indie rock, even going so far as to present two rock numbers: the hard indie rock of "Picture Freezy” with guest vocalist John Belden, and the soft, Britpop stylings of "Singing Nun” from Young Aundee, who also provides a number of hooks throughout the rest of the album as a strange counterpoint to the often female R&B vocals found in most hip-hop hooks. Producers David Belden and Aundee are multi-talented musicians that add a lot of live instrumentation into their beats, further solidifying their hip-hop/rock mix. Over the length of the album they’ve also included a fair number of short instrumental tracks and jam sessions. Rick Tognotti and Phelt 1 are decent backpack rappers that fit well within the dark mood of the music; Tognotti is confident even when switching to Spanish for the reggaeton track "Dia de los Muertos.” Friday the 13th is an interesting debut from a talented bunch of individuals, but at 28 songs the album does start to wear a little thin towards the end even without a drop in quality. (Independent)