Protomartyr "Blues Festival"

Protomartyr 'Blues Festival'
Detroit punks Protomartyr released an excellent album in last year's Under Color of Official Right. They'll soon follow it up with a split single called A Half of Seven through Hardly Art.

"Blues Festival" clocks in at four-and-a-half minutes — a mammoth runtime for a grimy punk song. That said, Protomartyr are consummate professionals at songwriting, and have packed this thing with hooks, breakdowns and dynamics. In other words, it's a long punk song that never gets boring.

The track features guest vocals from Kelley Deal (formerly of the Breeders), whose band R. Ring occupies the other side of the split single.

Listen to "Blues Festival" below. The physical edition of A Half of Seven arrives on June 16, while its digital tracks hit the web tomorrow (April 14).