Prophecy Sun "Trapped" (video)

Prophecy Sun 'Trapped' (video)
Vancouver vocal manipulator Prophecy Sun is back with another video behind her 2013 set Sleep Fever, this time juxtaposing the claustrophobic mantra of "Trapped" with an outdoors and alley-bound shopping spree.

While the track's shushed refrain details some time "trapped underground," the video finds Sun exploring the back streets of a cityscape. Throughout her day, she crawls atop planks to retrieve taxidermized piranhas and plastic equine figures, while also studying the properties of a vintage super 8 camera atop a soiled mattress. The video soon heads higher above ground as an alternate, full band take of the tune provides the sonic backdrop for footage of crows criss-crossing through the clouds.

You can check out the conceptual set of visuals down below.