Property Flourish Festival, Fredericton NB, April 25

Property Flourish Festival, Fredericton NB, April 25
Photo: Kyle Forbes
Flourish Festival launched its 2019 edition Thursday (April 25) at the third floor of Shiftwork studio, looking out on one of the worst floods in Fredericton's history. Elemental St. John's trio Property fit this context perfectly, and the group flowed through songs from 2017 album Privacy in their early evening set.
"This song is about burning stuff down," the band's Sarah Harris said of "Humans and Guns," which shook off the steady pulse of the drum machine and offered a bridge of ominous laughter. Whereas booming bass bolstered early stand out "Black Hole," intermittent guitarmonies and tempo play on "Meditations" proved the set's biggest head-turner. Property also debuted a new song about a "certain type of activism where you're not really doing anything," on which the deep, near-bluesy gnarl of the guitar neatly depicted the contempt for its subject.
"When I get high I go down to the water / to submit my mind to places it wanders," sang Harris, on the ever-catchy set closer, "Anarchy Baby"; its refined guitar lines lingered long after the gear was struck and packed away.