Prong 100% Live

Look who's back, crawling out of the woodwork after so many years. Well, it's actually only guitarist/vocalist/head honcho Tommy Victor with some hired guns, giving a history lesson with 13 Prong cuts from eras past and one newbie, "Initiation," which shows Victor may have some life in him yet. Face it, spare their last couple releases, Prong were a fairly vital and innovative band, laying down an industrial tinged, grooving metal that became the prototype for all things nu. This live album features the band as a three-piece with few electronic tinkerings, a stripped-down and raw machine, with a good natural production sound. So how does this ahead-of-their-time (ten years ago) band sound now? Well, they fit in just fine (which makes sense), proving with 100% Live that they should be playing the Ozzfest and raking in the bucks, which they probably won't be with the backing of Locomotive Music (who?). Who knows, given a high-profile tour and some serious push from a label, this could be a second coming worth paying attention to. (Locomotive)