Promise Believer

Rarely does a hardcore band with an ex-members list the size of a telephone book live up to the standards set by its previous members' projects. The Promise, featuring ex-members of Another Victim, Santa Sangre, Turmoil, Conviction, Earth Crisis and One King Down, is an exception to the rule. The 13 songs on Believer prove that despite what people may say, hardcore is still very much alive and well in 2003. Vocalist Andy Bradshaw's lyrics are intelligently written compositions, and with song titles like "Dead Man's Band," "Washed Up," "Gone Sour" and "No Heroes," the Promise have drawn a line in the sand, urging their followers to examine the current state of not only hardcore, but of life in general. Fast, intense, powerful and full of sincerity, Believer is a record that will be enjoyed by fans of any of the members' previous bands, but should also find the band a whole new generation of fans. Get ready to point your fingers, kiddies. (Indecision)