Project Pitchfork Kaskade

Project Pitchfork have been around for almost 15 years. Following 2002’s Inferno as part of the group’s Nun Trilogy, the Euro act’s latest full-length release is an emotive and innovative album that unfortunately can also be quite tedious. Featuring 15 tracks, Kaskade offers a range of sounds that will speak to a variety of dark music fans. Included here are nightmarishly surreal songs such as "Beautiful-Logic-Strings” and "Merry-Go-Round-to-Hell” mixing off-key melodies with a strong, pitch-shifted vocal presence. Their catchy club tracks like "Fleischverstärker” on the other hand drone on (and on and on…). If rock-based sounds are your thing however, then check out "Echoes” for a fast paced, straight-from-the-’80s, goth track that shakes things up quite nicely. Overall, the duo deserve a respectful nod for their efforts. Beyond their creative labours might lie an abundance of monotonous tracks, but this album still stands out as having some worthwhile music too. (Metropolis)