Producer Brendan O'Brien Not Working with Madonna Either

Producer Brendan O'Brien Not Working with Madonna Either
Rock producer Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Rage against the Machine, Bruce Springsteen) has revealed that's he definitely not working with Madonna to produce her next album, despite previous rumours that he'd be involved.

Reports have been circulating about a number of producers who might be helming Madonna's follow-up to 2008's Hard Candy, with O'Brien's name popping up most often. But O'Brien was quick to dispel the rumours when asked by Hit Fix.

"No one has contacted me about working with Madonna," said O'Brien, who recently finished working with My Chemical Romance and is now working with country singer Faith Hill. "Someone actually showed me something today that said that Bruce Springsteen was going to fire me because I'd worked with Madonna. It was awesome. It's really hilarious. I'm a huge fan of Madonna's but no one has talked to me. The Internet is bullshit."

Earlier this month, rumours that the pop diva was working with Montreal turntablist A-Trak at the production helm were also proven false. On top of that, producers David Guetta and Fernando Garibay have both confirmed to MTV that they are not working with her either.

Poor, Madonna, she can't seem to find a producer with any street cred to agree to work with her. We wonder if this little ditty has anything to do with it: