Prince Josh and Orit's New Song "One Time" Was Years in the Making

The producer's first since 'The Joy' is your soundtrack for "before, during, and after a night out"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Nov 12, 2021

Prince Josh has spent 2021 remixing tracks from LAL and beloved label Italians Do It Better, and has now returned with a new single. "One Time," featuring Toronto-based vocalist Orit, can be heard below. 

Prince Josh shares with Exclaim! that before "One Time" became the dancefloor filler you hear today, marked by juddering garage grooves and a punctual bass donk, it began life as a trip-hop beat sent to the artist by CFCF way back in 2017.

"The track sat on my laptop until I rediscovered it this year and decided to sample a small loop towards the end," Prince Josh shares. "Once the track started to take shape, I immediately sent it to Toronto-based singer Orit, who I'd been talking to over quarantine about working together. After our first session the song quickly started to take shape, and by the last session we knew we'd made something special: a song for before, during and after a night out."

"The lyrics were inspired by a turbulent relationship," Orit adds. "Oftentimes when the dust of a failed relationship settles we try to outweigh the good with the bad. This song expresses a rejection of the good, ultimately deciding that the entire experience is worth erasing."

"One Time," out today via Hand Drawn Dracula/Kitsuné, is Prince Josh's first single since making his full-length solo debut with The Joy last year. The was named one of Exclaim!'s 25 Canadian Albums You Might Have Missed in 2020 — and if you did happen to miss it, what are you waiting for?

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