Preoccupations "Memory" (video)

Preoccupations 'Memory' (video)
Earlier this year, Preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong) issued their first album under the new name, spawning the Dan Boeckner-assisted "Memory." That track has now been treated to a video.
The 11-minute track is matched with an equally epic visuals from director Kevan Funk. The band's Michael Wallace stars as a young man "who begins to feel the presence of a mysterious and enigmatic invisible force," eventually getting lost inside his own head. It's intended to deliver a message about mental illness.
"I don't mean to sound dark, but there's something poetic about a fire burning inside someone so intensely that one day, it actually physically manifested," Funk told NPR. "You ask yourself, how much pain can we take? How much control do we have?"
You can see those questions get tackled onscreen in the video for "Memory" below.