Prefuse 73 Gives Savath & Savalas' La Llama a Dub Makeover

Prefuse 73 Gives Savath & Savalas' <i>La Llama</i> a Dub Makeover
Multi-instrumentalist Guillermo Scott Herren is a man of many, many identities, most notably his chopped and screwed electro work as Prefuse 73 and his calmer, laid-back, folky project Savath & Savalas. Things tend to get confusing, however, when he lets those worlds collide, and that's exactly what's happening with the Prefuse 73 dub version of S&S's recent album, La Llama.

Titled The Predicate (Dub Version), the reworking of La Llama is currently available for digital download from Stones Throw. with the DRM-free tracks going for 99 cents a piece. As the label says, the album explores "Catalan-folk-psych with minimalist-electronic-sensibilities re-imagined as an excursion in neo-dub."

The Predicate (Dub Version) will also be available on CD in January.