Precious Little 100 Miles

Precious Little is approximately the sound of a clean, Canadian Velvet Underground. Sparse production puts the key light on slightly off-key vocals, courtesy of Leorra Newman ("Goner" and "I Was There Too"). With the band behind her, however, there is a nugget of promise. "Motorcycles and Towels" kicks a little polite hayseed into the mix, but downtown Toronto being a "hotbed of country" is tiring and "Catholic Boy" underscores it for me. The misty vocals on the properly short and sweet "You Might Be Slow" fit nicely and with a little more effects would enhance the mood. Another highlight is the motorbike ode "Shovelhead," reminiscent of grungy New York, but it doesn't fit with the 100 Miles' self-conscious first half. If anything, it demonstrates Precious Little's potential to spread their wings. The playing by band-mates Jean Brophey and Joey Betcha competently strengthens Newman's weak leads. That being said, the songs will be meatier on the sophomore release if Brophey and Newman team both their voices and their pens. Precious Little could be so much more if they don't live up to their moniker. (Mental Block)