Prayer For Cleansing The Rain in Endless Fall

A clap of thunder summons violent, ghoulish vocals. The sound of pouring rain catalyzes the flood of hectic riffs stirred by a hammering drumbeat. The straightforward nature is quite charming and the politics even more so. PFC chose to annihilate previous conceptions of metal’s role in music and replace a black rebellion with a sober vegetable insurrection. It certainly takes backbone to challenge social rituals that characterise what rock music symbolises to the masses. Meeting somewhere in between black metal and punk rock, they use an assortment of sinuous Maiden melodies in addition to traditional New York dance/kill breakdown spirit as a base to their sound. From there they elaborate plenty of finger work as well as insane picking patterns to bring a Corpse element into their sound. Having split after only three years together, this post mortem release is a good example of where all your favourite local metalcore bands came from. (Tribunal)