Poxy Poxy

If, by some deed of the devil, you see this album in your record store, run away. Don’t look at it, don’t pick it up, just turn and run. On first appearance and listen, you may think that Poxy is a joke, a spectacularly unfunny joke. But it’s not. Alex Caliber and Eric Sonic play guitar. Sam Cafeine (sic) plays drums and his brother Xavier Cafeine (sic) plays bass and sings. Awfully. They completely sully Leonard Cohen’s "Suzanne” and on the ten other originals (a malapropism if I’ve ever used one) they manage to offend all fans of rock by borrowing heavily from the Sex Pistols while completely removing any trace of "punk.” Ingenious song titles include "Hong Kong Baby,” "I am Chemical” and "Punk Rock Samurai.” Quebec’s answer to Robin Fucking Black. I’m crying, now. Rock is formally dead. (Dusty Tracks)