Powerman 5000 Tonight the Stars Revolt

The best I can figure it, the only reason Powerman 5000 has a recording contract is because the singer is Rob Zombie's little brother. On this record, like the previous three, Spider, the junior Zombie, leads his four-piece backing band through 12 forgettable pseudo-industrial, space-core dance tracks that offer little in the way of originality or creativity. Even a re-working of the Cars' “Let the Good Times Roll” — an obvious attempt to cash in on the retro resurgence that has helped Limp Bizkit (George Michael's “Faith”) and Fear Factory (Gary Numan's “Cars”) — falls flat. It's a good thing the singer is able to call in favours from his big brother because PM5K's brand of disposable chunk metal and their Sigue Sigue Sputnik wannabe gimmick grows mighty tired, mighty fast. (Dreamworks)