Potluck Straight Outta Humboldt

Like label-mates Kottonmouth Kings, Potluck are almost exclusively about marijuana and were likely signed for that very reason, as they comically point out on their "Meeting with the Boss” skit. When they step out of that territory, the mellow, "meaningful” songs are easy to admire for their intent but are a little boring overall. The exception is album closer "Our History,” an account of how weed-dealing party promoter 1 Ton moved to Humboldt, CA and met aspiring rapper/DJ UnderRated, himself born into the weed business. However, to really understand the subject matter of Potluck, one needs to understand Humboldt, where apparently 80 percent of the population partakes and marijuana is big business, according to "Welcome 2 Humboldt,” an ode to the duo's hometown. The song features UnderRated, who produces most of Straight Outta Humboldt, crossbreeding hip-hop with dancehall (a popular music in Humboldt). UnderRated and 1 Ton sound just as comfortable on hyphy sticky-icky anthems "Fire” and "Dank Alumni,” the latter a massive posse cut with Absolute and Garth Vader, produced by Pharmacist Chris. They also hold their own bragging alongside Tech N9ne on another hyphy track, "What We Are,” putting not-so-hot girls in their place with E-40 on the Bosco-produced Bay Area funk of "U Ain’t That Fine” and bookending Chali 2na on "Revolution.” That song is the album highlight, mixing weed, politics and lyrical styles over a dark beat and Gregorian chants for a slamming song that should receive massive college radio play. (Suburban Noize) (Suburban Noize)