Potluck Pipe Dream

Residing in infamous Humboldt Country, CA, a major centre for marijuana production, it's not surprising to find that Underrated and 1 Ton have once again delivered another weed-themed album to pro-pot label Suburban Noize. And if you still hadn't figured out where this duo are coming from, Potluck spell it out plainly on opening track "Welcome 2 the Movement," an epic pot anthem filled with synth, piano and strings. They also put out a call for a "Stoner Bitch," alongside label heads Kottonmouth Kings, promote the self-medicating effects of marijuana on the melodramatic "Smoke the Pain Away," with guests Twiztid, and get hyphy on weed jams "Hotbox Anthem" and "I Say Yes to Drugs," the latter with guest DJ Chill dropping the most charismatic verse on the album. But Potluck also surprise with concepts far removed from their expected subject matter. They build a case for love via the Internet on the anxious "Computer Love," offer up empowering anthems like "I Can Do Anything" and "There's No Limit," and finally Underrated just tears up the mic with solo track "2 Minute Drill." A little more commercial than their last album, Pipe Dreams is also a lot more diverse. (Thick)