Posthumous Ronnie James Dio Material to Arrive Next Year

Posthumous Ronnie James Dio Material to Arrive Next Year
While metalheads are still mourning legendary rock singer Ronnie James Dio's passing earlier this year, fans can take solace in hearing his soaring pipes via a couple of previously unheard cuts. Blabbermouth points to an article in Classic Rock that explains the heavy metal veteran (who did time in Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Dio and Rainbow) was recording some new material last spring shortly before his death. While not much came from the studio session, former Dio guitar player Craig Goldy says at least one song should see the light of day.

"We were working on tracks for a new Dio album just before Ronnie died in May. And we did almost finish one song. Wendy [Dio, Ronnie's widow/manager] has been talking about reissuing [Dio's] Magica album [originally released in 2000] with bonus tracks, including this one," he said, adding, "The thing is that the lyrics deal with what Ronnie was going through at the time, when he was battling cancer. So now they are very emotional. It's hard to listen without a lump in your throat."

An official statement for the release, as well as the info regarding the song's title, has yet to pop up.

Another uncovered Dio performance arrives courtesy of the metal elf's cousin David "Rock" Feinstein. The head-banging number "Metal Will Never Die" appears on his family member's recent solo album "Bitten By the Beast." Feinstein believes the song, which he wrote specifically with Dio's vocals in mind, stacks up to the rest of the former Black Sabbath singer's epic back catalogue.

"This song is part of his legacy; it's a tribute to him, really, in a way," Feinstein explains. "And now it becomes, like, the most important song I've ever written."

One last unreleased gem found Feinstein and Dio collaborating on "The Code," a tune that will appear on Feinstein's new album with his band the Rods, called Vengeance, sometime next year.