Possibilities Way Out

For their sophomore effort, the Possibilities got psyched right out. As local scenesters in Athens, GA, the guys put a lot of effort into the sound of this album, using tube-based mics and amps as well as vintage guitars and keyboards. Combine that with vocal contributions from all members and a "wall of sound"-style production and you have one fine sounding album. Moving comfortably between happy guitar pop and classic rock, the end result comes across like a trippy Velvet Crush, or Matthew Sweet, circa In Reverse. The songs themselves showcase a strong writing talent amongst all band members, and a well-defined vision of where they want to be musically. Their faster-paced tracks, like the "Way Out" or "Downtown Dream," blend nicely with the more laid-back "Wouldn't Take Nothing" or "Braintree." The diversity of styles throughout the album's 12 tracks do make their nods to various influences, but by the end of it all, they succeed in leaving a lasting impression of a sound that is truly their own. (Parasol)