Posies The Best Of The Posies - Dream All Day

The Posies came along about the same time as the rest of the bands in the great Seattle grunge glut, but they were unique. Sure they rocked hard, but they were no Zep/Sabbath-worshipping flannel clad grunge boys - hell, Jon Auer was a virtual Robert Smith look alike in the band's ultra-early days. The two covers included in this 19-track best of, which is compiled from their three major label LPs and includes five non-LP tracks as well, give a pretty good idea of where they were coming from. Departed Big Star cofounder Chris Bell's "I Am The Cosmos" is emblematic of their razor sharp pop hooks and their lush, vibrant harmonies are showcased in the Hollies' "King Midas In Reverse." (Interestingly, their version of former impressed Big Star's drummer Jody Stephens enough that Stringfellow and Auer occasionally round out the band for Big Star reunion gigs.) Add in some punked-up pop fuzz and energy, not too mention an occasionally goofy perspective, from Hüsker Dü, and you have a pretty good idea what they sounded like. For some reason, the last piece of that puzzle is downplayed by the inexplicable omission of Amazing Disgrace's "Grant Hart" from the set. Toss in some Beatles, Who, Cheap Trick and Move, and the image is complete. But they were very much more than some musical Frankenstein monster; they took all those influences and made them their own. Don't miss this second chance to catch one of the '90s best kept secrets. (Geffen)