Portugal. The Man's Van Stolen After Lollapalooza

Portugal. The Man's Van Stolen After Lollapalooza
While this weekend marked the first few dates of psychedelic progsters Portugal. The Man's previously announced tour in support of new disc In the Mountain in the Cloud, the occasion was spoiled when their van was stolen in Chicago sometime today (August 8).

Though the act performed at the Lollapalooza festival yesterday, today they're on the hunt for their vehicle and the arsenal of band equipment stowed inside.

"Portugal The Man van, trailer & gear was STOLEN in Chicago Red Ford Van, Black trailer Alaska plates FJH244," they posted on their Twitter account, along with a picture of the van.

The group have been retweeting for the past few hours trying to figure out where their stuff has gone. The rather extensive gear list they posted explains that the band are missing several guitars, effects pedals, microphones, amplifiers, drum hardware and an iPod. Many of the items are catalogued with their identifiable serial numbers.

Since nothing has been found yet, the band are asking for people to retweet the info in an attempt to reclaim the goods.

"Please keep the retweets going. The more it is shared the better chances of finding. Simple RT, thank you," they wrote.

UPDATE: The van and its trailer have now been found but unfortunately all the gear inside has not yet been recovered.