Portishead: "We're Clearing Our Schedules" to Work on New Album

Portishead: 'We're Clearing Our Schedules' to Work on New Album
Portishead have long been making promises about a new album, but it's now six years removed from 2008's Third LP and we've yet to get anything concrete from the veteran trip-hop outfit. Luckily, that may soon change, since they're reportedly aiming to hit the studio soon.

The band's guitarist Adrian Utley told The Quietus, "We're clearing our schedules so we can get on with it, otherwise it will be another ten years."

He added that he and bandmate Geoff Barrow spoke about the planned album last week and said, "We were both really enthusiastic, and enthusiasm counts for a lot in Portishead's world."

Apparently, Utley's recent experiments with modular synthesizers, plus his ventures into contemporary composition will influence his work with Portishead. The band currently don't have a label, and the guitarist speculated that they may end up licensing out a complete record once it's ready.

Of course, we take such promises with a grain of salt when it comes to Portishead, since their plans have a tendency to get delayed. They have a few festival dates coming up this summer, so hopefully they can use their rehearsals to get some new ideas flowing as well.