Portishead Aiming to Release Fourth Album in 2010

Portishead Aiming to Release Fourth Album in 2010
It seems the trip-hop revival is most definitely on. Following their celebrated third album, naturally titled Third, Portishead have announced that their fourth studio record should be out by the end of 2010.

In an interview with BBC 6 Music, producer Geoff Barrow said he's already been throwing ideas around with his band. "We're going to start writing and if all goes well it could be [out] in a year's time," he said. "That would be the most perfect thing to do."

Barrow also explained that while Portishead aren't contractually obligated to any record labels, that doesn't mean they'll be starting their own imprint. "It would be a complete nightmare," he says. "It would end in a nervous breakdown!"

However the band release the record, Barrow told NME that fans should expect "big plans" from the band, who will be coming "from a different angle."

While you anxiously await the arrival of Portishead's four album, Barrow can tie you over with the release of his side-project, BEAK>, on October 20.