Porters Are in the Black

Formed in part from the remnants of Detroit's the Parka Kings, the Porters unleash their debut album with the glory and power of Motown's heyday. Calling it "amphetamine soul," the Porters deliver a powerful, brassy sound that builds on the melodic strength of Brett Warren's vocals and the completely overwhelming power of the horns. Bridging the stream that separates traditional soul from traditional R&B, they seem capable of pulling off both with remarkable ability (opening track "Power You're Alright" is a searing combination of Pebbles-era R&B and Stax, while "Beautiful Thing" is a heartrending tearjerker). There is a growing popularity for blue-eyed soul in the States, thanks in large part to bands like the Adjusters, the Inciters and the redefined Pietasters, and the Porters may be in early on something that looks good so far. (Jump Up)