​Porcelain Raft Shares Free 'Pressed Flowers' EP

​Porcelain Raft Shares Free 'Pressed Flowers' EP
Mauro Remiddi's last release as Porcelain Raft arrived with last year's Half Awake EP, but the dream pop project has just unveiled a surprise EP called Pressed Flowers.
The six-song set comprises a series of lost tracks that were originally recorded in London back in 2006. Since recently rediscovering the songs on a recorder that needed new batteries, Remiddi has decided to share the forgotten collection of songs.
"Back in 2006 I was living in London and had a portable recorder where I noted music ideas, mostly 30-sec long," the musician explained in a statement. "I'm sure it was 2006 because that year a whale was discovered swimming in the river Thames, in the centre of London. That is something hard to forget."
He continued: "To my surprise few weeks ago, in my place in Los Angeles, I saw the little recorder resting peacefully in one of my boxes. I put new batteries on and pressed play. It felt like opening a giant book filled with pressed flowers, with the colors still intact. In 10 days I wrote lyrics and turned the notes into songs."
Some of the final offerings are still pretty short in length, but it's an interesting glimpse into a specific point in Porcelain Raft's career, nonetheless. Listen to Pressed Flowers in its entirety below.

A press release also says to expect a proper Porcelain Raft album come 2017.