Porcelain I've Got A Really Important Thing To Do Right Now but I Can't Do It Cause I'm Asleep

I like this band for two reasons especially: A) because they’re from France and I love that country, and B) I think they’re gothier than they even know. This debut disc immediately impresses as it opens with a scratchy, dirge-like, two-chord piano number that sounds as if it’s on vinyl that’s 100 years old. After a sustained intro, the tortured vocals finally make their entry — tortured in the good way — in that darkly beautifully mopey kind of way. Now being a sucker for melancholia, I eat this kind of stuff up. The moody, fuzzy guitars, that thick, Joy Division variety bass, the mellow pace of the songs — all the makings of a good night in with your stereo and a bottle of cheap French red. The overall sound is el-depresso — again, in a good way — but the songs do have some movement. Things start off slowly and softly, then the guitars build up to a frenzy, only to have it all wind down to a dramatic halt. Tres bien. (Drunk DOG)