Poppy Goes Metal with New Album 'I Disagree"

Watch the pop experimenter burn it all down in her new video

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Oct 4, 2019

Poppy is back with the details of her third album I Disagree, as well as the record's seriously metal title track.

The album is due out on January 10 via Sumerian Records, and it promises to be quite the departure for Poppy. Following last year's Am I a Girl? album, the pop experimenter is embracing her dark side, delivering what appears to be a very metal-styled effort in the process.

To drive that home, we have the very black metal-styled album art above, as well as the song "I Disagree."

The title track has arrived complete with a new video, and as you'll witness, the clip finds Poppy throwing down some chugging riffs and throwing up the horns, all the while keeping just enough of her bubblegum-y vocals in there to remind us this is actually Poppy. And spoiler: Poppy wants to "burn it to the ground."

Watch the "I Disagree" video down below.

You can now pre-order I Disagree.

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