Poostew / Japanische Kampfhörspiele Heirat Aus Hass / Scheidung Aus Spass

Two of Germany’s grandest grind exports team up for a ten-minute EP of growling mayhem. As a teaser for their upcoming full-length entitled Plutocracy, Poostew commence with a German movie sample then delve into the snarling metal of "Sea of Corruption,” replete with slower mosh parts and high/low vocals. "Turmoil” and "Propaganda Inc.” continue the death-from-above sorties in the vein of Extreme Noise Terror, immediately taken up by the paroxysmal punk fury of like-minded neighbours Japanische Kampfhörspiele. The traditional death of "Wo Ist Der Inhalt?” and "Schwanzvergleich” follow in quick succession, but it’s the sicko, Deicide-like snippets of "Verrückter Traum” and "Hallo Kinder” that has made JaKa a hot commodity in the past few years. The Necrophagist-esque "Diese Blackmetalband Aus Dortmund” and "Schlucker” are strengthened by Pantera-like breakdowns and tempo changes. With both bands’ cuts running a minute or less, this split EP is ready-made for rapid consumption, though actually cutting the disc (on the provided dotted line) down to a mini-CD is done at your own risk. (The Numero Group)