Poor Folk Poor Folk

With a name more befitting an alt-country outfit than some rough indie pop, Poor Folk are a bit hard to pin down, but definitely have the chops to make some cool and interesting music. Lead singer Jonathan Pearce sounds uncannily like Mike Feuerstack of Wooden Stars and Snailhouse, and hits very similar musical ideas of the latter in "Predigested Pablum for the Masses.” Throughout this album are light acoustic guitars and pining vocals, but Poor Folk are also not afraid to shake the walls, and "Topple the Pride” provides an excellent counterpoint. Starting with a great urgency, the track just doesn’t seem to let up, and when it gets to the climax of repeating layered guitars, the vast intensity perks the ears. Moving through the kind of emotional music that abounds through England, Poor Folk cast an interesting spell but the songs don’t seem to be as fully developed as they could be. There is remarkable promise, though, making Poor Folk ones not to underestimate. Remember, it’s not nice to look down on the poor. (White Whale)