PONY Announce Debut Album 'TV Baby'

Listen to lead single "Couch" now

BY Matt BobkinPublished Jan 22, 2021

If their power-pop stylings weren't evidence enough, PONY are undeniably children of the '90s, so it's no surprise the Toronto-based troupe named their debut album TV Baby. It's due April 9 on Take This to Heart Records.

The album is a trip through '90s rock while dealing with decidedly modern problems, like preview track "WebMD"'s take on hypochondria, and was recorded by PONY leader Sam Bielanski alongside bandmates Matty Morand (a.k.a. Pretty Matty) and Lucas Horne.

New single "Couch" is a riff-rocking odyssey driven by Bielanski's confident, dependable vocals, singing about how they'll "always have a couch for you to sleep on."

The accompaying music video finds PONY on a Christian morning show, as their rock sound encourage the straight-laced hosts to invite Satan into their hearts — and their studio. 

Watch the "Couch" video below.

TV Baby:

1. Chokecherry
2. WebMD
3. By the Way
4. Furniture
5. Couch
6. My Room
7. Sometime Later
8. Cry
9. Sunny D
10. Swore

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