Polymorphines Transistor Sistor

Uniting the worlds of trashy garage rock with a deeper interest in indie rock's more appealing melodies and approach to craftsmanship, Ottawa, ON's Polymorphines create an ingeniously hook-filled and inspiring affair with the grammatically-insulting Transistor Sistor. In traditional fashion, an influx of harmonica, slightly off-key, nasal vocals and pawn shop guitars played through twangy Fender amplifiers is the main thrust behind that garage feel, while the greater attention to pace and dynamics gives them a punk/rock'n'roll aura reminiscent of Tricky Woo, without so much James Brown, a less-aggressive Gaza Strippers or even Rocket From The Crypt jamming with Jay Reatard, were he not six-feet under. Capping off at 11 songs in 35 minutes, Transistor Sistor isn't exactly short or to the point, but it's certainly entertaining. When the band embrace a particularly inspired groove, such as that found in "Bring Your Love Back Home," it's amusingly forgivable. This is fun and bouncy without seeming too airy or mindless. (Get Bent)