Poison the Well To Bring The Tropic Rot in June

Poison the Well To Bring <i>The Tropic Rot</i> in June
It's been a couple of years since Poison The Well have released anything other than a band member. Zing!

Seriously though, Wikipedia that shit. The list of former members is longer than that of failed first-time cigarette quitters. Then again, PTW have been around since 1988 so if you factor in that every time a bell rings, a straight-edge kid reaches legal age and "grows up..."

...We kid 'cause we love.

Anyway, after being locked away in secrecy with famed producer Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die, Kid Dynamite, Dillinger Escape Plan) for a few months, news about the post-hardcore collective's fifth full-length is beginning to arise. The title will be The Tropic Rot and Ferret Music has committed to a physical street date of June 16 in North America. For some reason, the rest of the world gets first priority. It hits a day earlier in every other hemisphere.

Now that the biggest bomb has dropped, the band promise to reveal album art, a tracklisting, U.S. tour dates and more as they become available. In the meantime, tide yourself over with the April 18, 2009 release date of their limited edition CD that compiles the band's previously released series of three seven-inches.