Poirier 'Kidnap Riddim' EP

Poirier 'Kidnap Riddim' EP
Back in June, Montreal electronic music maker Poirier released his EP Alert Riddim and promised that he had "many more EPs in the works." Sure enough, he has now dropped a new short-player called Kidnap Riddim.

The five-song collection is available as a free digital download, and a press release describes it as "an exploration in the riddim tradition in its purest form, presenting the listener with an infectious beat designed for dancefloors across the globe."

Poirier recruited a number of MCs and vocalists to flesh out his instrumental tracks. The beatmaker said in a statement, "The basic idea behind Kidnap Riddim was to create a heavy, hypnotic and minimal beat that could stand side by side in the club with records by the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake or Rick Ross without losing any rush."

All five tracks are based around the same basic beat, meaning that you'll be extremely familiar with the repetitive synth riff by the time you're done listening. Download it here.

Kidnap Riddim:

1. Jokma (ft. Mr OK)
2. Siempre Mas Pesa'o (ft. Boogat & Madhi)
3. Funa Chi Cho (ft. Kween G)
4. Trip Authentique (ft. Set&Match)
5. Tèt Yo Pa Fin Dwat (ft. L'Xtrmst.Zen)