Pocket Dwellers Lifecheck

Recorded over two nights at Toronto’s Reverb club, the Pocket Dwellers’ Lifecheck unquestionably confirms the group’s live prowess. While they had already admirably captured their essence on the studio release Digitally Organic, this recording shows the group in their most comfortable element. Even though the interlocking of the brass section, turntables, drums and guitars is well-honed and impressive to hear, the group consciously seek to just sound good together. While MC N.I. gel leads hyping the audience and with positively charged lyrics on most records, each of their compositions are constructed so that the group members get to loosen up and breathe underlined by the fact that entire tracks like "13th Funk” or "Red’s Concoction” are entirely devoted to individual solos. While their taut interplay suggests unlimited range, they are rooted in a jazz-funk groove that is so varied and accomplished, you’ll make a mental note not to miss them the next time they come through your town if you haven't done so already. (Urbnet)