Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter

BY Max DeneauPublished Feb 12, 2013

Grind resists much analysis beyond a curt, Maximum Rock'n'Roll-style mini-blurb for a host of reasons. The most obvious is that it's simpler to draw a handful of parallels to other respected bands in the genre, briefly address the production or lyrical stance and move on than to try and dress a review up with descriptors for a style that prides itself on directness. A glance at the rap sheet of new contributor Bryan Fajardo (Phobia, Noisear, Kill the Client, Gridlink), replacing departed skins man Frank Faerman (Insect Warfare), gives one a clear idea of what to expect from the outset: balls-out grind on the breakneck side, offering enough brutal heft to interest death metal fans while not straying too far from genre traditions. While previous full-length Crushing Fury of Bastardization featured a slightly looser, more old school sound, this is shorter, meaner and better mixed, with less of a crusty atmosphere and noticeably stripped down song structures. Fans of Gridlink will no doubt enjoy their varying degrees of debt towards thrash/crossover, but with a straight-ahead growl/shriek vocal dynamic and crisp recording, this release is right at home next to the Willowtip or early Relapse catalogues and is unlikely to disappoint anyone aware of its existence in the first place.
(Six Weeks)

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