Playdough Lonely Superstar

As if being a guitar-playing rapper from Texas weren't enough, Playdough distances himself even further from the thug masses with positive, pro-Christian lyrics. The title of his solo debut, Lonely Superstar, encapsulates his role as truth-seeker in a genre whose message is more often than not limited to living large. The funk-laced single "Seeds of Abraham," however, finds Playdough encouraging others to stay true to their beliefs. Playdough is most himself on "Clappy Valentino," in which he raps, sings, and plays guitar over his own beat. The remainder of the disc features a mix of spiritual raps and melodic production. While artists like 50 Cent burn up the charts, it's reassuring to know that others like Playdough continue to do their own, if not popular, thing. (Uprok)