Playaz Circle Supply & Demand

Playaz Circle’s Supply and Demand fluctuates between decent and needs improvement but settles on satisfactory. Despite using 12 different producers on their dozen cuts, the album sounds like your standard Southern rap record. The players in this circle are Tity Boi and Dolla Boy, from College Park, GA, home of amongst others, Ludacris, who owns the Disturbing the Peace label, which signed the duo. Ludacris is featured on two tracks, "Betta Knock” and "U Can Believe It,” of which the latter is more impressive due to its bass line and incorporation of strings and a choir. Implementing generally the same formula, with more emphasis on the drums and less on the bass line, first track "Dear Mr. L.A. Reid” is one of the more heartfelt, introducing the listener to the pair. The cut documents their struggles and desire to be signed. The prevailing sense of the opening track is that Dolla is the better MC and that notion is solidified in each subsequent track. With this being their debut, it can be looked at as a work in progress. If Tity Boi can improve his writing and delivery, and assuming Dolla Boy continues to progress, there are enough encouraging elements to make a sophomore album worth listening to, if the lyrical content also improves along the same lines. (DTP)