Planetary Assault Systems Atomic Funkster

Aggressive techno that combines a variety of styles to form tech-house, tech-trance and even ambient, as exemplified in the synth-sweep track entitled "From Above." Because of the non-homogenous techno expressed by Planetary Assault Systems, these tracks could be blended into a mix of any of the previously mentioned styles. Atomic Funkster appears to embrace the tech-trance style surfacing in clubs and track mixes, which is akin to Max Graham's sets on the Cream compilations. What I like best about this CD is its epic, futurist musical storytelling vibe on pieces like "Mind Your Trip," which is what got me into techno in the first place. Though the music of Planetary Assault Systems belongs on a twelve-inch it seems have made the switch over to CD mixers. Perhaps the music inspires them to be more visionary than any other genre pushers in the club scene. This CD is ideal for the contemporary DJ who wants something that can blend easily into an eclectic set (Peacefrog)