Planet Asia The Sickness Part One

When someone has that flow — that hang off every word like your fingertips were clinging to a cliff kinda shit — we call it "the sickness.” Now that you know, allow yourself to be infected. On the first track, when Planet Asia spits, "Eh yo, I heard behind the wall snitches is telling, ditching felons/May god have mercy on your soul when niggas split your melon,” he’s warning you before hauling your ass to California. See in Cali, the beats jump, bump, bob and weave, pleasing the ear, and always on cruise control. None of the producers are well known, which shouldn’t matter. It’s always a party and you’re always invited. Plus, Asia’s so persuasive he can convince you, despite the sharpness of the lyric darts on "I’m So High,” that the song is a freestyle. "Gangsta, Gangsta” kicks off with some propulsive percussion, punctuated by some militant prophesy. By now, you’re feeling the symptoms of a master lyricist at work: involuntary head nodding, foot stomping, a hand (yours) reaching for repeat. (Copter/Universal)